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    Don't Kill Your Awesome Product or Service With Bland Copy!

    Profit Fuzion Marketing specializes in providing businesses and service professionals with direct response copywriting and strategic marketing services. Our quality copy enhances your credibility, builds your brand, and most of all, encourages your readers to take action!

    If you have a marketing idea, we can translate it into an effective marketing campaign that will help you get more leads, close more sales and build your brand.

    Services Offered

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    Copywriting for New Start-Ups

    Congratulations, you've started your own business! As a business owner myself, I know that you've poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears (...not to mention $$$) into your new business. I also know that your success depends heavily on getting the word out to as many people as possible, without spending enormous amounts of capital on marketing that doesn't work. I can help you develop powerful marketing vehicles that will magnetically attract new customers to you. View my list of services here >>

    Copywriting for Small, Medium & Large Businesses

    Every successful business needs effective copy to help increase sales and promote your brand. It doesn't matter if you're selling products or professional services; they all need marketing copy designed to get your audience to buy from you.

    For small businesses: I offer copywriting services for all your marketing and sales material. I also offer copy make-overs at reduced rates if you or your staff have already created your own copy and you want to improve its effectiveness  by having me edit it. View my list of services here >>

    For medium to large corporations: Are you short on staff or in-house talent? Employees can be expensive and my services are designed to deliver you powerful advertising copy while saving you time and money. I'm like having a seasoned copywriter and marketing consultant at your fingertips without the enormous expense of keeping one in house. View my list of services here >>

    Copywriting for Service Professionals

    If you're an independent professional delivering a service, then having excellent marketing and sales copy is important in order to convey all the juicy benefits as well as your unique position in the market. Copy plays a HUGE part in the selling process when what is being sold is intangible - meaning that it can't be held and examined. As a service provider, you uniquely fit this category. With my copywriting services, I can help you generate more leads and convert more sales without eating up more of your precious time. View my list of services here >>

    Copywriting for Marketers

    There's probably no one who appreciates effective, response-generating marketing copy more than internet marketers. Getting consumers to take action over the web is my speciality and I can work with your ideas to build effective campaigns that help sell your products or services. View my list of services here >>

    Copywriting for Ad Agencies

    Is your agency swamped with too many projects and not enough in-house staffers to get the job done? My copywriting services are available for ad agencies who need the additional help of a master copywriter. Please contact me to further discuss our partnership. View my list of services here >>