Direct Mail Response Boosters

Are you getting the optimal response rates for your online or offline sales copy? Details as small as headline size can influence your response rate. Before you go and do your own expensive split testing, check out the response rates that we've compiled here.

The Envelope

  • Handwriting address information or using computerized printing techniques that can pass for handwriting will increase envelope open rates.

Boosting Sales Letter Response

  • Conversational tone. Writing in a conversational "me to you" tone will increase response rate much higher than writing a sales letter in the third person.
  • Dual-readership path. Making your sales copy "scannable" by using subheadlines, bullet-points, bold type, highlighting and short paragraphs will increase response.
  • Image. Headline. Copy. The natural reading flow for the average reader follows this specific pattern: 1) Image, 2) Headline, 3) Sales copy. Tweet This!
  • Boldfacing. Allows for easy skimming of text. It also calls attention to important words, phrases and sentences.
  • Capitalization. It's often overused in sales copy. It's the written equivalent of shouting. You can use it effectively to emphasize up to 3 words, but don't use it more than this.
  • Headlines placed below an image are read 10% more than headlines placed above an image. Tweet This!
  • Captions underneath an image get read 300% more than the regular body text. Tweet This!

The Sales Psychology of Color

  • Blue - a calm, relaxing color. It can be used for subheadlines.
  • Red - Call to action. "Red alert." Use when you want your reader to act on something.
  • Yellow - The brightness draws the eye to it. Use this color to highlight important text.



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