How Long Should Your Press Release Headline Be?

Just like in any advertisement or sales letter, the most important part of a press release is the headline. That's because the headline is what initially catches the eye while we're quickly scanning through a page and if that press release headline is interesting enough, it'll get us to read more of the story. But have you ever wondered what (in Tim Ferriss's words) is the minimal effective dose needed to get an effective response on a press release headline?

Well, Hubspot did a study in 2011 on the correlation between press release headline length and the number of Facebook shares that they received. Here were their findings:

Headline Length -- Facebook Shares

10 characters = 1 share
30 characters = 3 shares
50 characters = 3 shares
70 characters = 3 shares
90 characters = 4.5 shares
110 characters = 2.5 shares
130 characters = 5 shares
160 characters = 5 shares

170 characters = 2 shares
190 characters = 1 share

* Figures approximated based on the information provided

Based on their information, the optimal character length for your press release headline should be between 90-130 characters. Another benefit of this length of press release headline is that it fits perfectly within a Twitter tweet, so you can leverage your media coverage by doubling it as your social media shout-outs as well.

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