Infographic - Marketing Automation for Sales and Marketing Teams
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 11:47AM
Tristan Loo in Direct Response Marketing, Email Marketing, Information Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation, infographic

There comes a time when an organization needs to leverage the power of automation to help improve the efficiency of critical departments such as marketing and sales. That time is usually characterized when your front-line workers are doing repetitive, but necessary, daily tasks (most of which they don't enjoy doing) instead of spending their time on that critical 20% that pushes your business forward. Marketing automation is a way of removing the manual grunt-work out of mundane tasks associated with marketing and sales and frees up your human resources to do the things that they are good at doing - namely acquiring leads, closing deals and driving business for your company.

The folks over at Salesforce Pardot have put together an informative infographic explaining how marketing automation can help both the sales and marketing teams for your organization. They've given me permission to share this infographic with you. Enjoy!

Click on infographic for larger imageReprinted with permission, Salesforce Pardot

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