Marketing Morsels - Week of Dec. 2, 2012

I'm a voracious reader on everything to do with marketing, copywriting and business-building, so at the request of my viewers, I created Marketing Morsels so that you can read over all the interesting articles and content that I've come across over the last week. Marketing Morsels is published every Sunday.


Zig Ziglar: One Of The Best Gifts You Could Ever Receive by Dan Kennedy @


Tips to Great Brochure Copywriting by Bono @

What Copy Cosmetics Communicate by Michel Fortin @


12 Lessons Learned While Marketing “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss @

10 Sizzling Marketing Ways To Ignite Your Profits by Biz Tips @

Public Relations

Forgotten Traffic Secrets of Newspapers, TV, and Radio by Terry Dean @

Social Media

The Onion: What Does The Social Media Economy Mean? [VIDEO] by Josh Loposer @

Expectations of what social media can do…what does it mean to “go viral”? by Erica Shubin @

How to Use YouTube Videos To Turn Prospects Into Customers by Shamelle Perera @

REVIEW: Comparing Social-sharing Co-op Services by David Leonhardt @

Mail Room!

I loved this edition! Thanks for writing these articles.
[Referencing a recent newsletter that I wrote copy for]

I’ll be reaching out to you soon to help with copywriting on some other content we are developing. Have a great Thanksgiving Tristan.

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