Marketing Morsels - Week of October 14, 2012

Each week, I share with you various marketing, copywriting and business-related "morsels" that have caught my eye. 

Newsworthy Nuggets

Although brand advertising isn't my area of expertise, I felt it worth mentioning that Red Bull really hit it on the dot by sponsoring X-treme skydiver, Felix Baumgertner's record-breaking feat to be the first person to break the sound barrier. In terms of big biz sponsorships; I think they've sunk their investment in the right place. Go check out the story here.

Small business marketing automation software company Infusionsoft announced that it landed it's 10,000th customer. They've really grown in such as short amount of time. Go check out their post here.

Mobile ad network Mojiva announced that they've launched the industry's first ever tablet-only mobile ad network. Read the news here.

Interesting Blog Posts

Copywriter Ryan Healy shares his experiences and thoughts about Getty Images. Go check out this heated post here.

My friends over at ABC Copywriting in the UK have posted a fantastic infographic that explains copywriting extremely well. In fact, this may be the very best infographic that I've seen on copywriting yet. Go check it out here.

Ooops...Did I Miss Something?

Yup, I know I did. But that's where you come in! If you have something newsworthy (think hard about that word) that fits into marketing, copywriting, sales and business in general, then send over the link and short description of what it is and I might include it in the next Marketing Morsels post. You can contact me here.

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