Marketing Morsels - Week Of October 28, 2012

Each week I share with you various marketing, copywriting and business-building "morsels" that I've read over the week on the web.

Newsworthy Nuggets

COMPANY CULTURE IS A BIG DEAL: Want your team to be more creative; more productive and to enjoy coming to work each day? Take notes from Arizona-based marketing software company Infusionsoft. They've won numerous awards for building a strong company from the ground up with a focus on company culture. Looks like a fun place to work. Read the press article here.

GOOGLE AND SAMSUNG TAKE ON THE IPAD: CNET tech journalist Casey Newton writes about the upcoming debut of the Nexus 10 tablet computer and it's horsepower. Read his article here.

Interesting Blog Posts

STAY FOCUSED AND PRODUCE HIH-PAYOFF SEO CONTENT: John Jantsch over at his Duct Tape Marketing blog has a great "how to" article on writing SEO content for your blog. He offers a very simple step-by-step approach. Go check out the article here. Read his blog post here.

THE IMPORTANCE OF A CONSISTENT LEAD-GENERATING SYSTEM: Dan Kennedy writes a blog post detailing the difference between those service professionals who prosper versus those who fight over the bread crumbs. Read his article here.

THREE TIPS TO BOOST YOUR RESTAURANT MARKETING: Over at Jawdropping Marketing, Halisi Vinson offers three ways to boost your restaurant's marketing power. Read her article here.

Did I Miss Something?

Of course I did. There's just too much information out there for one little guy to handle. But that's where you come in! If you have something newsworthy (think hard about that word) that fits into marketing, copywriting, sales and business in general, then send over the link and short description of what it is and I might include it in the next Marketing Morsels post. You can contact me here.

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