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Marketing Worksheets

This page hosts a wealth of FREE marketing and copywriting worksheets and tools to help your business reach success faster. Please feel free to share these worksheets with anyone who might find them useful.

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    Advertising Budget Worksheet

    To help in the process of setting monthly advertising budgets for your business or for a particular product/service.
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    Competitor Analysis Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to analyze the level of threat that your top four competitors pose to your business.
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    Media Alert Planning Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to plan out your media alert message for your upcoming event or press conference.
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    Monthly Marketing Action Plan Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to help plan your monthly marketing strategy, as well to create a weekly and daily action plan to reach your marketing success.
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    Target Market Worksheet (B-to-C)

    Use this worksheet to map out a detailed profile of your ideal customer and target market for your product or service.
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    The 1-Page Business Model Canvas

    This worksheet is from the great folks over at It's a one-page worksheet that allows you to sketch out your new business model.